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Today I am going to share some important things that can help your visitors turns into your subscriber. Pretty much interesting right! WP Plugin Hello Bar is such a WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your visitors into your subscriber and helps to gather marketing leads for your website.

Research says that most of the visitors can visit your website and after reading their necessary information they left that page or navigate another page if they find some interesting.

💪 Visitors can easily become your subscriber once they love your content or service.

You have to know about what is pop builder and how you can use those popups into your website. Basically, in today’s article, I am going to cover a WordPress Plugin Hello Bar Review.

What is Hello Bar WordPress Plugin:

WP Hello bar allows you to generate your business lead form your website visitors. It is a free plugin available on the WordPress plugin directory.

Hello bar allows us to collect user information for generating marketing lead or sales of your website.

If you want to provide some notification from your new upcoming features for your website or business, you can use this Hello Bar plugin.

Hey! You can start your WordPress at your local server ← a proper step by step guide for you 🤷‍♂️

How Hello Bar Works:

Hello Bar is a simple pop up builder plugin for your engaging your or providing some callout action to the visitors. Let’s take an example: You have a fruit store and you want to sell fruits with a 50% Discount. – but your user doesn’t know about your OFFER price.

Now you can simply add a popup into the header or a front-page that displays your user sales information and they will definitely buy fruits from your store.

Now Hello, bar helps to build this engaging advertisement for your website or your brand.

Hello Bar Works in the following ways:

  • Hello Bar have a predefined template where you can change or modify as per your marketing need.
  • It helps to automate your website. User can fill up their email address and it will become your subscription member.
  • Hello bar is using CTA which means a Call to Action button which provides you to generate more marketing leads for your website.
  • Hello bar can be set up as per your business requirement. Let say, if you want hello bar on the top otherwise you can popup when the screen is loading. You can easily customize them.

how to install hello bar on WordPress:

Installation of Hello bar on WordPress is pretty much interesting and you can able to get this plugin from WordPress plugin directory as well as their website from here.

Here is the setup and installation guide of Hello Bar on WordPress

Create an account from the Official website of hello bar from here

Hello Bar landing page

#1: Now you can add your website URL for creating a free account following with the information.

#2: Fill up the next step with the information about your website and how many employees do you have? Fill up or you can skip those step

#3: Now you have to select what do you want for a goal. Now you have to think about this information carefully.

  • Grow Email List: It allows you to collect the information of the visitors and generate the email list of your website. Now you can target your subscriber to visit your blogs and other information.
  • Target a URL: It is quite an important feature of Hello Bar. If you want to sell your affiliate product or you have a unique product you can sell them by targeting your URL to a specific URL of your website.
  • Make Sale: If you want to promote the product of your brand you can share you can tick this and Hello Bar can help to grow with this.
  • Announcement: It doesn’t allow you to add CTA or Call to Action button of your website. You can add an announcement to your website.

And another to the basic goal is to Get Phone Call and Social Engagement. You have to select as per your recommendation.

#4: Now another most important feature is available on Hello Bar. Now How you can use your goal into that Hello Bar.

  • Hello Bar: A customizable Hello bar will be displayed on the top of the pages every time and you can generate your lead or subscription.
  • Popup Modal: pop modal, A popup modal place usually in the middle of the website screen.
  • Slider: Slider of Hello Bar is displayed on the right or left side of your website. This will attract users to your website easily.
  • Page Takeover: Page Takeover means whenever webpages are loaded on the screen, a full screen modal will open and generate a lead for your website.
  • Alert Bell: Alert bell is a common option and pretty much interesting button for today’s website. It doesn’t distract users from navigating traffic.
  • Push Notification: Push Notification is more efficient for reaching your content to your unique visitors whenever you are going to upload any blog post.

#5: Now it is the time for Design your template:

You can watch our video for setting up this template.

#6: Now Copy the following code and update it on your WordPress Browser

#6: Final Step: Now to the WordPress admin panel and Install Hello bar and Go to that plugin and Paste that code as per below:

Now Your website has completed the installation process of Hello Bar on WordPress easily.

Review of Hello Bar Plugin:

Now this is the time where we all are going to discuss the hello bar plugin.

When we are talking about Hello Bar plugin in Just one word is to Affordable Automate Marketing Lead Generation Tool

  • Build your automated mailing list.
  • Customize your template.
  • Generate a marketing and authentic lead from this tool.
  • You can track your link.
  • Create for multiple Domain under one tool
  • It has A/B testing marketing tool for growing your business

Plans and Pricing about Hello Bar Plugin:

As it has started with a Free plan for all the users for limited uses, It has launched with other monthly plans starting from $29/Month and $99/Month. But this cost might help to build your brand easily. Here is the comparison of using different pricing methods for this Hello Plugin.

plan-pricing of hello bar

You can check out and watch the plans and pricing.

Final Word for Hello Bar Plugin:

Hello Bar Plugin is a very important plugin for lead generation of your business and you can easily implement it for your website. This plugin allows you to customize and generate lead what you want to do.

I personally use this Hello Bar plugin on this website and you might notice that on my website. Let’s register and comment down below what do you think about this plugin?

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