Greengeeks Web Hosting Review Guide on 2022 – Does it provide Green Hosting in Reality!

In this article, we will look into the Greengeeks web hosting review. Since the company is named Greengeeks, they want to provide green hosting to you, and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this review. The reason for the “green” in their name also brings up a question: do they provide green hosting in reality? We’ll answer that question for you here.

Then, we’ll walk you through all the features of their service so you can see if it’s a good match for your needs.

Greengeeks web hosting is a company based in the Netherlands. The company focuses on providing green web hosting solutions and is specialized in WordPress hosting. Some of their services include email, data backups, support, and other important things related to web hosting. The company provides all that for a reasonable price. If you’re interested in this service, keep reading to find out if it’s a good match for your needs.

Greengeeks web hosting is indeed a green web hosting company that just doesn’t cut corners when it comes to innovation or functionality. They buy 300%of the energy they use in the form of wind energy credits. They also outperform many well-known hosts in terms of server response times.

What is Green Hosting in 2022 – is this real?

The internet has become a vital part of our everyday lives in recent years. It can be used for a wide range of tasks such as schooling, socializing, and working. However, the electricity needed to run these websites is not always going to be free or renewable. Green hosting is the answer to this problem and allows you to run your site on a clean energy source (such as solar panels) instead of electricity drawn from dirty sources like coal-fired power plants.

Greengeeks web hosting is on a mission to plant a tree for every hosting account. Along with that, Greengeeks has been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as a Green Power Partner.

  • There are a lot of advantages to site owners, such as reduced expense and increased security. These benefits also translate to the consumer. If you are looking for a host that will offer these services, look no further than Green Hosting.
  •  GreenGeeks Web Hosting is a company that specializes in providing green hosting as well as green web services. Most websites run with standard hosting and not renewable energy, which means they contribute to climate change and the greenhouse effect: Green Hosting aims to stop this.
  •  Greengeeks web Hosting provides credit-card billing, telephone support, automatic updates, and graphical statistics on your site (such as top referrers) that make it easier to see when there are problems with your site. They also provide backup and restore services.
  •  In some countries, Green Hosting provides a secure online shopping cart for your customers. This way you can have your profits go towards supporting environmentally-friendly methods of energy generation rather than to the electric company.
  • At the moment, Greengeeks Hosting also provides three types of hosting: shared server hosting (one server for multiple websites), WordPress hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting that allows you to have more control over your site environment.

What are the elements to keep in mind when looking for better web hosting?

As we can see, the best and fastest web hosting impacts a blog’s destiny. So, if you want to improve your web hosting, you should never overlook the following factors:

  • Velocity
  • Uptime of the server
  • Customer Service
  • Feature of Hosting
  • Service of Outstanding Quality
  • Reliability of Web Hosting
  • Reliability and security
  • Any Offer and the Trail
  • A price that is affordable and reasonable.

 Know about Greengeeks web hosting company

Greengeeks web hosting

Greengeeks is a web hosting company that specializes in environmentally friendly hosting and offers some of the best customer support in the industry.

Greengeeks web hosting has been in the industry for over 13 years and specializes in low-cost hosting. It is one of the industry’s most cost-effective providers.

Greengeeks has developed a reputation as the go-to hosting firm for individuals and businesses who do want their site to be both online and ecologically friendly.

Wind, solar, and green technology are used to power the company’s servers. They’ve also received an EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year award for their environmental efforts. One of the key advantages of Greengeeks hosting is its low cost.

Greengeeks, in reality, boasts one of the sector’s lowest cost-per-gigabyte prices. And, whether you’re searching for a web hosting option for your company, this could be a huge plus because it could help you save money on hosting fees in the long run.

Outline of Greengeeks Web Hosting

Trey Gardner established Greengeeks in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Greengeeks is the industry’s largest eco-friendly green web hosting provider, with over 400,000+ websites powered by its services. It also has 150 delighted customers from all around the world.

greengeeks hosting plans

Their Hosting Service is powered by renewable energy. If you care about the environment, Greengeeks’ top eco-friendly “green” web hosting solution can be the ideal option for you.

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Greengeeks WordPress Hosting

They provide specifically developed Shared, Reseller, VPS, and WordPress Hosting that is both safe, quick, and expandable, as well as environmentally friendly.

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, each of their hooting plans includes a 1-click WordPress setup and vehicle option.

You don’t have to worry about your data being protected because it has one of the greatest and most advanced security measures available, as well as regular backups to keep your website data secure.

Greengeeks WordPress Hosting plan offers:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Encrypt Lite and pro are free SSL certificates
  • While the Premium Plan includes a premium SSL certificate.
  • Nightly Backup
  • Free Email Accounts
  •  Unlimited One-Click WordPress Installer/Updates Domain Name – Free for the First Year
  • Standard in the Lite Plan, 2x in the Pro Plan, and 4x in the Premium Plan
  •  LSCache 300 percent Renewal Caching Feature 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on Green Energy Match Extra
  • One-time free website migration

Look into the other plan that Greengeek offers

No. Website Hosted1UnlimitedUnlimited
Email Account50UnlimitedUnlimited
CDNFree Free Free 
BackupFree Nightly BackupFree Nightly Backup + On-demand BackupFree Nightly Backup + On-demand Backup
Other Features✔ Multi-user Access✔ Multi-user Access
✔ On-demand Backups
✔ WordPress Repair Tool
✔ Multi-user Access
✔ On-demand Backups
✔ WordPress Repair Tool
✔ Free Dedicated IP Free
✔ AlphaSSL Object Caching

Greengeeks Web Hosting

In each hosting area, they provide a variety of plans from which you may pick based on your requirements. We’ll assume you’re a beginner blogger and that shared web hosting or WordPress hosting is the best option for you. Only web hosting and WordPress hosting will be discussed. 

Greengeeks hosting web hosting offers $2.75 per month as their lite plan which includes:

  • One Website
  • Standard Performance
  • 50GB Web Space
  • Unmetered Transfer
  • 50 E-mail Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Free CDN
  • Managed WordPress
  • Built-in Caching
  • Unlimited Databases

Although Greengeeks web hosting offers premium plans here are the details:

No. Website Hosted1UnlimitedUnlimited
Email Account50UnlimitedUnlimited
CDNFree Free Free 
BackupFree Nightly BackupFree Nightly Backup + On-demand BackupFree Nightly Backup + On-demand Backup
Other Features✔ Multi-user Access✔ Multi-user Access
✔ On-demand Backups
✔ WordPress Repair Tool
✔ Multi-user Access
✔ On-demand Backups
✔ WordPress Repair Tool
✔ Free Dedicated IP 
✔ Free AlphaSSL Object Caching

Greengeeks Reseller Hosting

Companies that handle many hosting accounts will benefit from reseller hosting. The Reseller 25 (RH-25) Package costs $19.95 a month and comes with unlimited bandwidth and SSD site storage.

Accounts are created on the platform, and a WHMCS billing system license is provided. The main difference between the Reseller 25, Reseller 50, and Reseller 80 packages is the number of control panels.

SSD Disk Space2GB4GB8GB
cPanel Accounts255080
cPanel MigrationFreeFreeFree
SSL CertificateFree Free Free 

Greengeeks Dedicated Server

VPS means Virtual Private Server a dedicated server, if you have extensive visitors to your website, you need to switch from simple shared hosting to shared server. Greengeeks offers affordable VPS plans to their customer.

Greengeeks provide three Managed VPS plans of 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB RAM 

SSD Storage50GB75GB150GB
Bandwidth Transfer10TB10TB10TB
SSL CertificateFree Free Free 
Server LocationUSA, Canada & EuropeUSA, Canada & EuropeUSA, Canada & Europe
Other Features✔ Free Softaculous
✔ LicensecPanel
✔ IncludedFree
✔ website migration
✔ Free Softaculous License
✔ cPanel Included
✔ Free website migration
✔ Free Softaculous License
✔ cPanel Included
✔ Free website migration

The Advantages of Using Greengeeks Web Hosting

There are several reasons to utilize Greengeeks Hosting, including the following:

Website Migration is Free:

They offer their new customers a free website migration service. You may use this service after purchasing hosting, and it will be performed by the Greengeeks Specialist team.

Improved Performance with SSD Storage:

Solid State RAID-10 Storage Arrays (SSD) will be provided for faster page loading and improved website performance.

Reliability and Security:

Greengeeks has taken concrete steps to ensure that its clients’ websites are as secure and dependable as possible. To that purpose, they’ve used a host isolation mechanism to add named host and file systems, as well as dedicated computing resources, to each of their client’s accounts.

Uptime & Speed:

Despite the fact that every hosting service business makes grandiose promises about their hosting being the quickest and having 99.9% uptime, Greengeeks, on the other hand, has the fastest SSD hard drive storage in its hosting, which is set up in a redundant RAID-10 storage array. Furthermore, their web and database servers are ultra-optimized, allowing them to read and write pages 50 times quicker than any other. 

Aside from that, they provide a free Cloudflare CDN and HTTP/ 3 service, which makes your website load quicker and reduces browser load time. They’ve always had a server with a 99.8% uptime rate.


Greengeeks provides 100% customer assistance, which is critical in the event that something goes wrong. All of these services are available through live chat (877) or phone (during business hours), as well as knowledgebase material, video tutorials, and submitting a support ticket. For help, Indian users can utilize the live chat and raise ticket options.

Money-Back Promise:

For you, this is a far better alternative. Which is something that hosting providers seldom provide. If you believe they are underserved in terms of services? Or are you dissatisfied with their performance? Or are their services incompatible with your requirements?

So you may quit the service and request a refund within 30 days, and they will give you a complete refund less any setup expenses and domain registration or transfer fees. Make certain you will not receive a refund for the extremely expensive domain registration fee.

What do I find appealing about Greengeeks?

A Green Business:

One of the things that set Greengeeks apart is its commitment to using green and renewable energy. They utilize wind energy to offset the carbon output of their servers, so when you use Greengeeks to operate your blog or online company, you are also helping the environment. You won’t hurt the environment because of the 300 percent carbon offsetting.

Greengeeks is a web hosting platform that provides top-notch web hosting services and is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

This hosting firm has been keeping consumers pleased and delighted for more than a decade.

You open up a world of possibilities for your company website when you pick Greengeeks to construct it. Select a basic hosting choice, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, or WordPress hosting, as the initial step.

In addition to the fundamental functionality, Greengeeks offers security and storage space. Their services include the ability to host an infinite number of websites on one account as well as site backups.

Green is the way to go:

Greengeeks’ ecologically friendly service is one of the numerous benefits of choosing them. Trey Gardner, the company’s CEO, is forthright and forthright with his clients when it comes to pollution.

Greengeeks is fighting pollution in a variety of methods, including the following:

The firm decreases its carbon impact by using renewable wind energy to power its servers, as the name indicates. They are required to use green electricity as an EPA Green Power Partner to lessen pollution’s detrimental impact on the environment. They’ve evolved into one of the industry’s most ecologically responsible web hosting firms. They utilize energy-efficient, up-to-date CPUs in their data centers. They urge other companies to utilize a “green” web hosting provider and pay a premium for it.

Greengeeks’ customer care is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customer support representatives make every attempt to be available to you and to respond to your inquiries in a timely and professional manner. There are various articles, tips, and tutorials available for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento if you choose to perform your own study. You may also configure your email on their website, which is important if you need a quick answer to a problem.

Greengeeks communicates with its clients through three primary channels:

Chat in real-time:

Live chat is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because customers want to know what’s going on immediately away, each agent is well-informed and eager to help. The firm’s policies are well-understood by the agents, who give detailed explanations.

 Phone support:

Greengeeks provides lots of variety, despite the fact that this is an old approach. If you like hearing the explanation for yourself and want to be detailed and ask a lot of sub-questions, this option is ideal for you. Issues have been resolved in 15 minutes or less, with fair phone support hours. Phone: 1-877-326-7483
Local: 1-310-496-8946

E-mail Support:

Technicians that are quick and efficient are waiting to help you. There are several e-mails to choose from depending on the topic. You can reach out to the sales, support, billing, or affiliates departments, as well as report any abuse.

Greengeeks Hosting Review: Final Verdict?

Greengeeks works with shared web hosts. This means that the hosting service is shared between different clients and resources are divided based on this division. The division of resources happens automatically, so you don’t need to do anything for that.

Greengeeks hosting is an excellent provider of web hosting and domain registration services. They provide a wide choice of goods that are both economical and simple to use and administer. I’ve been a customer of Greengeeks for a few years and am still satisfied with the service. is one of the most well-known web hosting companies in the US.

FAQ About Greengeeks Web Hosting

What is the uptime guarantee like for Greengeeks?

Greengeeks offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all of its customers, which is one of the best in the industry. You will rarely experience downtime on your website with them because of their host monitoring, as well as their advanced server and network management system. They have 100% power backup which means if you experience an outage they can restore everything in a matter of minutes.

How fast are their servers?

Greengeeks servers are designed to deliver a high performance. With a wide array of features and services, they offer a dependable hosting environment for both large and small websites. They have multiple network carriers including AboveNet, Level 3, Cogent, and more for the best possible redundancy. This ensures that even if one network is down, there’s a network backup in place.

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