Best 11 HostGator Alternatives and Competitors – Tried & Tested in 2023

Are you looking for the best HostGator alternatives? This article may end your search for the HostGator alternative. Check out the complete list given here.

You could likely find a better EIG-owned web host than HostGator in terms of performance, customer service, and overall value for the money. Since the late 2000s, HostGator has been among the best web hosts, but those times are long gone. Even those that don’t spend as much on marketing, here are all the main HostGator alternatives.

Best HostGator Alternatives and Competitors

Hosting ProviderStarting PriceSite Visit
Hostinger$2.39 Per MonthClick Here
BlueHost$2.95 Per MonthClick Here
DreamHost$2.59 Per MonthClick Here
SiteGround$3.95 Per MonthClick Here
A2 Hosting$2.99 Per MonthClick Here
Hostwinds$5.95 Per MonthClick Here
WP Engine$25 Per MonthClick Here
Cloudways$12 Per MonthClick Here
Kinsta$35 Per MonthClick Here
FastComet$2.95 Per MonthClick Here
GreenGeeks$2.95 Per MonthClick Here

What we’re looking for in the best HostGator Alternatives?

When it comes to shared hosting, HostGator has long since regularly delivered positive results. Finding deserving rivals is hence challenging but not impossible. Here are the criteria we used to compile this list:


Renewals at HostGator are quite pricey, especially if you don’t sign up for the longest-term plans. Most of the web hosts on my list are less expensive in the long run.


All of the providers on my list outperform HostGator in terms of uptime and performance. Unfortunately, EIG takeovers have generally resulted in lower hosting quality. The once-proud alligator is now only trying to smile through the pain.

Value Features

My HostGator alternatives offer resources and value-added features in abundance. These tools can help you improve performance and security while also making it easier to manage your website(s).

Data Centre Location

The lack of global coverage is the Achilles’ heel of all EIG-owned brands. Most web hosts on my list have multiple hosting locations around the world, allowing you to select a web server that is close to your target audience.

Customer Service

 Due to EIG’s decision to outsource support for all of its brands (for an unexplained business reason), HostGator’s sales and technical support are now of noticeably lower quality. The hosts on my list, on the other hand, provide expert customer service, and the majority of them respond very quickly.

Detailed Guide of Best HostGator Alternatives

There is so many web hosting providers available in the market including HostGator. Today, we are discussing the HostGator alternatives. Thus, we have prepared a list of the 11 best HostGator alternatives for you. Read till the end to explore more.

Hostinger – Alternative to Hostgator

Best HostGator Alternative

Hostinger is significantly more affordable and offers higher-quality hosting than HostGator. The Premium plan from Hostinger is less expensive than the entry-level one from HostGator, but it also comes with extras that HostGator does not offer, such as automatic WordPress updates and backups, a practical collaboration tool, up to 100 hosted websites, and more.

Hostinger has no less than seven data centres, as opposed to HostGator, which only has two US-based locations. Your website can be hosted on the server that is most convenient for your main target market, providing them with lightning-fast loading times. I have covered a full comparison between Hostinger vs HostGator: Which is the Better Web Host for your website.


  • Lite Speed Web Server
  • WordPress Accelerator
  • Excellent Protection
  • Easy to use
  • 30days money-back guarantee

BlueHost – The HostGator Alternative

BlueHost Hosting

One of the oldest and most well-known brands in the website hosting sector is Bluehost. They have a huge selection of plans, including WordPress Pro, their managed WordPress hosting option, and three basic WordPress hosting plans.

They offer pricing in a variety of currencies and have great rates. Last but not least, Bluehost provides top-notch customer support. I can vouch for the fact that the customer support team at Bluehost is consistently amiable, accommodating, and quick. I have covered a full comparison between Hostinger vs Bluehost: Which is the Better Web Host for your website.


  • Best budget shared hosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 expert support
  • 30days money back guaranty

DreamHost – Alternative to Hostgator

HostGator Alternative

DreamHost provides a wide range of features aimed at both inexperienced website builders and seasoned developers. Their control panel isn’t as user-friendly as Bluehost’s, but it’ll let you do everything you need, including toggle an impressive array of security features. There are also numerous customization options, as well as support for a number of programming languages.

If you need something more advanced, DreamHost also offers managed to host plans. The basic WordPress plans cost $2.59/month or $4.95/month if you sign up for three years. Managed WordPress plans begin at $16.95 per month.


  • Unlimited Traffic and Storage
  • WP website builder
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 knowledge base support
  • 97 days money back guaranty

SiteGround – The HostGator Alternative

SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround has spent the past 16 years assisting people in the creation of various types of websites. Their WordPress-specific plans are newer, but they’re still packed with useful features. They also provide some of the industry’s best customer service, with a 99.7% customer satisfaction rate.

SiteGround has some limitations. Their WordPress hosting plans do not include a free domain, and storage on the basic WordPress hosting plan is limited to 10GB, which is significantly less than the 50GB offered by DreamHost and BlueHost. Their pricing also varies significantly from plan to plan, which could be detrimental if your traffic increases without your revenue increasing.


  • User-friendly control panel
  • Drag-and-drop site builder
  • Developer tools
  • Airtight security
  • 30days Money-back guarantee

A2 Hosting – Alternative to Hostgator

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides pre-configured software installation packages for the most popular applications. When installing Content Management Systems (CMSs) like WordPress or Magento, you can select the A2 Optimized version to get a lot of preconfigured features for speed and security right out of the box.

Unlike most providers, A2 Hosting offers an anytime refund guarantee. Turbo server power A2 Hosting’s higher-tier shared plans. These servers have superior hardware and software (Lite Speed Web Server) than lower-level plans, and individual accounts have more RAM (up to 4GB).


  • Unlimited bandwidth on all plans.
  • Free automatic backups.
  • Free site migration.
  • Managed WordPress hosting.
  • The A2 Optimized Plugin.

Hostwinds – The HostGator Alternative

HostGator Alternative

The people who say, “I just want my website to work; hold the fancy stuff,” are the target market for Hostwinds. There are a lot of people there, you know. No matter what you require—a simple brochure website, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or a dedicated server—Hostwinds has something that is affordable for you.

We found only a few real problems with the service during our evaluation, aside from some inconsistent server performance. Otherwise, Hostwinds is a conventional, inexpensive host that offers a free domain with annual subscriptions.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Site builder included.
  • Website monitoring and 24/7 support.

WP Engine – Alternative to Hostgator

WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine has established itself as a leading provider of managed WordPress hosting. Their use of a WordPress-specific dashboard rather than a traditional cPanel creates a more seamless work experience, and they also provide numerous features to keep your data safe from hackers and accessible to you — even during a crisis.

WP Engine, however, has some limitations. Phone support is only available with higher-tier plans, and no domain or email hosting is provided. There are also hard limits on how many visitors you can have before being upgraded.


  • Automated SSL certification, and SSH gateway.
  • Easily transferable sites.
  • AI-based threat detection and prevention.
  • WordPress-optimized dashboard.
  • 24/7 live chat support from WordPress experts.

Cloudways – The HostGator Alternative

HostGator Alternative

The business structure of Cloudways is unique. The Cloud platform you choose will largely determine how well their hosting functions. As a result, these platforms rather than Cloudways control speed and performance. Digital Ocean has performed admirably thus far.

In contrast to Hostinger, Cloudways’ packages come with advanced add-ons like dashboards, service migrations, and more in addition to administration services. Regardless of the platform they use, the integrated dashboard makes it simple for developers or agencies to manage their hosting solution.


  • Manage hosting and security services
  • Setup of an SSL certificate with a single click
  • Simple server scaling if you need extra resources
  • Support for various PHP versions
  • Support for the database management systems MySQL and MariaDB
  • Access to SSH and FTP
  • Integration with Git

Kinsta – Alternative to Hostgator

Kinsta Hosting

For both inexperienced and seasoned web designers, Kinsta offers a straightforward dashboard with effective tools. They also provide some of the industry’s most cutting-edge security protocols, encrypting all of your data completely and continuously. They are among the most dependable managed WordPress hosting options due to their 99.9% uptime and fast loading times.

Kinsta only has one real flaw: there is no phone support at all. A messaging system integrated into the Kinsta website serves as their sole means of customer service. Although this system is quick and dependable, people who prefer phone support might not find it to be the best option.


  • A dead-simple WordPress experience.
  • True WordPress experts on demand.
  • VPS-like hosting technology.
  • Based on the Google Cloud Platform.

FastComet – The HostGator Alternative

HostGator Alternative

Looking for a cutting-edge cloud hosting platform that is fast, dependable, and cost-effective? Looking for a faster HostGator replacement? Then you should definitely look into FastComet, which provides low-cost cloud-shared hosting plans.

FastComet is an excellent web hosting option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use cloud hosting platform to host your sites. Their pricing plans begin at $2.95 per month and include numerous benefits such as SSD storage, free backups, free site transfers, and more.


  • Eleven global data centres mean you can host a site for any audience.
  • FastComet Site Builder.
  • Free daily and weekly backups.
  • Very helpful support.

GreenGeeks – Alternative to Hostgator

GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks offer one of the top support platforms. This is undoubtedly the place for you if you’re sick of HostGator’s subpar support. Agents will go above and beyond to solve any problems that come up. You can contact support via phone or the ticketing system in addition to the responsive and always-available live chat.

The most expensive shared plan from GreenGeeks includes a cost-free dedicated IP. All of its shared hosting plans come with managed WordPress services. Your website will be optimized to ensure maximum performance, in addition to routine updates for core software and plugins. Additionally, daily backups are provided without charge.


  • It’s good for the trees and stuff.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • The servers are optimized for WordPress.
  • Offers a fantastic support team.

Final Thoughts

These are all the best HostGator alternatives in our opinion. We hope you will like all the HostGator alternatives, and share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, share this article with others to let others know about the HostGator alternatives. If you know some other alternative to HostGator, or anything to ask, feel free to post your comments in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the best HostGator alternative?

Because each hosting provider caters to different needs, the best HostGator replacement is determined by your use-case scenario. If you’re looking for a similar service to HostGator, check out our article to find the best.

2) Is Hostinger superior to HostGator?

In most ways, Hostinger and HostGator are nearly identical. Hostinger, on the other hand, provides slightly better performance at significantly lower costs. This provides Hostinger with a significant practical advantage over HostGator.

3) Which HostGator alternative is the least expensive and most dependable?

Hostinger is the least expensive HostGator substitute. You get better uptime, more features, and faster website loading times. If you’re new to website development and want to try WordPress, Hostinger’s managed plans will take the guesswork out of updating and securing your website.

4) Is Bluehost more quickly than HostGator?

While only HostGator offers an uptime and network guarantee, both hosts have a track record of at least 99.9% uptime. Bluehost is slightly faster than both web hosts.

5) Is HostGator still in business?

HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with three servers in 2002 to a world-leading and industry-recognized hosting provider with over 12,000 servers under management.

6) How do I cancel my HostGator account?

Log in to the HostGator Customer Portal and select the Hosting tab from the menu on the left. Choose Billing from the right-hand menu, and a Cancel Package button will appear at the bottom of the page. Fill out the cancellation request form with your information. That’s it; you can finally say good-by to HostGator!

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