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Are you a blogger? Do you have a website? If yes, is a marketplace for any blogger where a blogger can earn money by placing sponsored posts on their website and getting paid directly in the bank account.

Besides using different ads network and affiliate marketing, in this post, I will share my opinion about flyout and this will be another way to earn money online from blogging.

Introduction – know about is a marketplace where advertisers pay the blogger for publishing their article as a sponsored page. This Flyout was introduced in 2019 and it was owned by

How Flyout works

We all heard the terms named “guest blogging” and there they advertise notice your website and if they get some valuable content on your website, get preferred audience size from your blogging, they mailed you for showing interest in publishing their sponsored article and they pay for that.

Flyout Review

So, that method has been implemented on marketplace in on the dashboard. Sign up your account, verify your account, set your price and sponsored articles are getting displayed after a few days, just publish that post on your website and get your listed price directly into your bank account.

Eligibility Criteria of

As earlier, I told you this platform is a marketplace. So it has some eligibility criteria to getting verified for sponsored post-publication.

  • Your website must have at least 6 months old and must have quality and unique 100 articles.
  • You must have monthly unique visitors 10K which will be verified by Google analytics.
  • Clean website design, easy navigation menu, basic pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy etc must be displayed on your website.
  • Your blog should not have more than 20% sponsored posts.
  • Websites which are hosted on blogger will not be eligible for this program even they have a custom domain.

📌  Important Tips: If you have 1K monthly visitor, you can get approval for listing your website, but your listed price will not be greater than $15. At Least 10K visitors turn your single guest post value into $100 per post.

There are listed website categories which are not getting 🚫 approved 🚫 in

  1. Deals/Coupon site
  2. Adult content website
  3. Content downloading website like apk downloading, movie downloading website
  4. Micro Niche websites
  5. Any type of event blogging
  6. Lyrics/Music/Sayari type website
  7. Gambling website
  8. Casino Websites
  9. Facebook/Whatsapp status websites
  10. Automated Blogs
  11. Celeb Posts
  12. Agency/portfolio sites
  13. Blogs on guns or any tools

The above-listed categories website is not getting approved for listing their website on flyout. Read the complete eligibility list from the official website.

Create Account – Step by step guide

Now let’s talk about creating a new account on flyout. It is a very simple and easiest way to sign up. You can redirect to that website after clicking here.

Now follow the next steps to complete the account creation

A new screen will be open and there are 4 major steps which you have to follow to join flyout.

Check Eligibility: 

Flyout Review - Eligibility Checking

Put your domain and check eligibility. If you fall under the selection criteria, drive to the next option.

Domain Verification

Flyout Review - verify ownership

Verify with HTML meta tag: Simply put that HTML tag in the header section of your website. Most of the WordPress themes have header.php for inserting that code before the </head> tag.

Verify with HTML File: Download the HTML File. If you have access on your hosting panel, go to the file manager and upload that file under the public_html folder. 

Verify with DNS record: Another method which will not be very tough for a non-technical person. But for using this method, I am recommending if you have cPanel, you can make changes through your DNS Manager and verify that ownership. [P.S.: If you are not aware of DNS record, don’t try to use this method

Enter Blog Details:

Flyout Review: blog details

In this section, you have to select the categories which your blog covers. You can select up to 3 categories at a time. Here you have to select cost per post let’s say you have a 1K monthly pageviews website and your per post cost will be $15 maximum and if you have 100K monthly pageviews, you have to select max $100 cost per post.

Create an Account on

Flyout Review: create account

Sign up using Email ID, Facebook or Gmail login.

Now you have created your account and you have redirected to the dashboard. Dashboard

Connect Google analytics on Flyout account:

It is very important to connect your google analytics with your flyout account. It tracks the monthly visits of your website and that will also help the advertiser to advertise with your blog.

Login to your account and go to the Blog section. Now the listed blog show Analytics on the column and click that icon for GA verification.


What happened after receiving a new offer:

Once any advertiser who is willing to sponsor your website, give you an offer and you have to accept that offer on the Offer section.

You can view that article and you can publish that article on your website. Once that article has been published, you will get that amount.

Important Note: Once an offer has been received by your portal, you will be notified via email and you have to accept that offer. If you don’t accept that offer, you will lose the opportunity and you have to publish that article within that time frame.

Payout from Flyout account:

Are you getting excited for getting your extra bonus to account? Yes, the payout system is very simple to understand. There is no minimum balance for paying out your amount. Whatever you have earned, you will get that amount directly into your bank account next month through wire transfer.

If you don’t add your bank account into the, log inyour account, then go to Payout > Transfer Processes, Now fill up your transaction documents and save it.

Flyout Payout account Details

[N.B.: For Indian, you need a bank account number but for non-Indian, they have an option for PayPal.]

📌 Payout terms: Flyout releases every payment on the 14th to 20th of Next month. Let’s take an example: you have earned $100 on 28th May and your payment will be sent between 14th to 20th June.

FAQ regarding Flyout:

Can I add multiple blogging websites into website?

Yes! You can add multiple blogging websites that are eligible for the policies. Just Login to your account, go to the Blog section and add a new blog. Now follow the instruction as per previous website addition on flyout. 

How can I change my cost per post?

You can easily change your cost by going to the Blog section and edit that blog and change the cost per post.

Can I delete the website from website?

Yes! You can delete your website from website and your website will be unlisted from their marketplace.

Conclusion: is a trusted marketplace and growing platform for bloggers. It will help bloggers to earn extra income besides their affiliate program, Adsense program. I hope you get a detailed overview of this platform. If you have any suggestion please leave a comment below.

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