What is SSL Certificate – You Must know [Beginner Guide]

SSL Certificate is the term of Secure Sockets Layer, known for its Digital Certificate. It creates a secure link between a website and a Visitor’s browser. SSL certificates are a global standard security technology that can enable the encrypted connection between a web browser and the webserver. Using SSL Certificate allows to decrease the risk of stolen data or prevent hacking from the hacker.

How SSL Certificate Works:

When any connection made from the web browser and web server, an SSL connection is made known as an SSL Handshake. There are three keys available during setting up the connection between the server and browser which are Public, private, and session keys. The interesting thing will happen that only public key decrypted via private key and it happens vice versa also.

Procedure for making the secured connection:

How SSL Certificate Works

  • Web Browser allows to connect a Web server secured with SSL which means https connection. Web browser requests that the server identity itself.
  • Web Server sends a copy of the SSL Certificates, even it includes the server’s public key.
  • Web Browser check the Hash value and certificate root against the List of Trusted Cas that the certificate is not expired, unrevoked and the common name is valid or not.
  • If the browser trusts the certificate, automatically it creates, encrypts and sends back a symmetric session key using the Server Public key.
  • Now Web server decrypts the data from the session key using the private keys and sends then a acknowledgement encrypted with the session key to start the session.
  • Now All things are set up for Secure connection between the Server and Browser.

Types of SSL Certificates:

SSL Certificate has different types based on the Number of domains or subdomain, Security Level and level of validation.

As per the number of domain and domain names there are some different types of SSL certificate such as:

  • Single SSL Certificate: It allows to secure fully-qualified domain name or subdomain name and it works on single domain with green padlock.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate: This type of SSL Certificate cover one domain name and unlimited number of its subdomain.
  • Multi-Domain: Multi-domain SSL certificate allows to cover the secure all the domains are owned by that organization.

As per the level of validation of SSL certificate such as:

  • Domain Validation: domain validation certificate is the common certificate issuing the authority for any kind of website. It is the least cost at price and it can secure your website from the hacker. This type of certificate takes a few minutes to receive and reflect the browser it will take several hours.
  • Organization Validation: organization validation is required for business websites kind of the most important for an e-commerce website. This certificate comes with the additional features of domain validation along with the domain name registration, certain details of the owner (Like name & address) are provided and authenticated. Issuing this certificate takes a few hours to several days to receive.
  • Extended Validation (EV): this Extended Validation of SSL Certificate provides the highest level of security because of this certificate is issued and followed by the guidelines set by the SSL Certification industry’s governing consortium. Even this certificate is issued after the verification of the ownership and the existence of the entity of the company. This type of certificate takes a few days to several weeks to issue this certificate.

How SSL Certificate helps to secure the website:

Defination of Digital Signature

Any individual or organization that uses their website to process, require, collect and store or display confidential or sensitive information. SSL Certificate uses 128Bit and it has the ability to support the 256 Bits security for the encryption. As the server and browser works communicate with the secured connection, it can revoke the hacker to hack that website.

The SSL certificates kept the following information from the users:

  • Login and Passwords
  • Legal documents
  • Personal data
  • Financial information
  • Medical reports if any

All the data is kept and filtered through the SSL Certificates.

SSL Certificate necessity of a Website- our thought:

Now for every website for google ranking, it must include the SSL certificate for every single website. Without an SSL Certificate, Google is not promoting the website to the Google page ranking. All the web hosting provides the SSL Certificate and activated instant process. Some of the trusted organizations sell the SSL Certificate with the Annual subscription. SSL Certificate prevents your website from the hacking of your website.

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