How to Add Navigation Menu in WordPress Website [Easy Steps for Beginner]

Navigation menu in WordPress helps to navigate the users to your website. The navigation menu is a very essential thing for your WordPress website. Here we will guide you on how to add a navigation menu into your WordPress website in an easy way.

You can find a general way for creating a navigation menu into your website. But sometime some themes might have their own template to create a navigation menu. Read before how to set up WordPress on localhost if you don’t have an idea how to use wordpress on live server.

Create a navigation menu in WordPress website header bar:

At first, go to the dashboard of your website. If you don’t find dashboard no problem, you can enter (Replace your-site into your domain name) in the search bar.

Now go the Appearance >> Menus as per given image for reference.

adding navigation menu in the website step-1

Now a new blank page opens where you can create/edit navigation menu on your website.

Give a Menu name in that blank field and click on the Create menu item on the top right side and your new Navigation menu has been created.

Adding Navigation menu step -2

Now, this is the time to add navigation menu item into your navigation menu. If you take a look for a time, you can find the Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories item in the left side.

So Just clear what element stays in what menu items:

Pages section: you can find all the pages you have created into your website. You can find your pages from Dashboard >> Pages. You can select what pages do you want to list.

Post Section: If you want to display your post in the navigation menu, you can add that post through this Post Section. You can also find you post lists from Dashboard >> Posts.

Custom Link: Custom links allow you to add customize link into your website.

custom link in navigation menu

You can add custom URL and Link text for your website. Here is a guide about how to change a permalink of WordPress post.

Categories Section: You can add categories for your website. If you want to share post group in the navigation menu link, you can add categories into your menu item tab. Hey! You can find out the categories for your articles by navigating Dashboard >> Posts >> Categories.

Arrange your Navigation menu item:

Now, this is the time to align and rearrange the menu item of your website.

arrange navigation menu

You can check Menu Settings on the bottom side of this menu section. In this menu settings section, you can check the Display location item for Display your menu whether you want to show this menu in the footer, header, mobile menu or even social menu. It completely depends upon the theme settings. Once you check those items and your navigation menu will be visible as per your location.

Before arrange the navigation menu

You can check your menu item like this. The next gif will help you to rearrange the navigation menu items for your website.

create-navigation menu

Now see what changes have been made after these changes.

after arrange navigation menu

How to create a submenu or dropdown menu in the navigation menu:

Now another interesting thing is to add a submenu or dropdown menu under the navigation menu. Submenu help to navigate easily to the specific page of the content. Now this following image will guide you to create submenu and rearrange them according to your website navigation.

create-sub-navigation menu

Now you can check what happened after adding the dropdown menu under the navigation menu on the website.

adding submenu

The most important thing you have to remind that sub menu items design is depending upon the theme item. Check out the sub-menu structure of that theme which you are going to use for your website.

Edit or delete menus from your navigation menu:

Edit or delete menu item from the navigation menu is very easy.

edit or delete menu fromm navigation menu

In the Navigation Label, you can change your preferred name what you want to display and hit the Save Menu Button, and if you want to delete the navigation menu item then simply click on the Remove Button and save that menu. Now you have deleted the menus from your navigation menus.

Add the navigation menu on the widget section:

You can add a navigation menu for the widget section of your website. You have to go to the Appearance >> Widgets.

add menu to widgets

Add a navigation menu to your widget section where you want to display. Now here we can add navigation menu on the Footer widgets only.

another way to add menu in wordpress widget

Another method is the drag and drops to the widgets area for modification of the website. You can add a navigation menu to the widgets as per following instructions.

add navigation menu to widgets

Now here you can get an idea about how to create a navigation menu, submenu or dropdown menus for your website. If you have any query regarding this topic, you can just comment below and we are trying to answer all of your comments.

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