Review – A Powerhouse of Web Hosting reviews, deals and comparison in 2021

Are you a blogger or a business owner and are you confuse what hosting you should choose for your website hosting?

There are a lot of website hosting company available on this digital market and it is not possible to finding and testing them out. Not all the web hosting company kept their promise all the time.

So, where we can find the better website hosting and fast web hosting company for boosting your website easily.

Few question roams every-time for every blogger when they have started their blog:

  • Which the fastest web hosting.
  • How to get affordable web hosting
  • Is this web hosting company provide support?
  • Is this company provide me the free domain?
  • Which hosting company provides me the website transfer in Free?

And even after every question, I did the google search on the web and I lost in the crowd internet market where all the information that I got was very confusing for me for taking the decision.

So later, one website that I found and this website give all my question through their own publishing blog. There are cleaned and detailed information what I am looking for.

Yes, one thing all the review of was written by the author’s personal experience after using that hosting.

Now, you have asked me the question that how you can sure, every article on that website is not a paid one.

Yes, let me clear, the man behind this website Mr. Anil Agarwal (Formerly founder of who is the top most popular and senior blogger in this Indian blogging community. He had experience with more than 15 years and many students as well as I also try to follow his blogging strategies and money-making ideas.

So, lets explore about the website and is it worth for you?

Overview of website website
Homepage of started from 31st January 2019 and it has completed 2 years and till now it provides the useful information about website hosting details, detailed comparison and awesome deals which you can’t get anywhere easily.

If you go to the Reviews section of the hostingmonk website, you will find detailed review of every web hosting company and after reading every article you can find your perfect hosting for your blog.

Not only the pros of any web site hosting but also the negative point of any web hosting company has clearly pointed out through those blogs.

P.S.: I am a regular reader of always looking for the Coupons tab on the website 😊

Why should you believe the hostingmonks?

Listen and follow from an experienced person” Yes, this blogging website is not writing by the 3 years blogger, but this website is managed by a 15 years of experienced blogger Mr. Anil Agarwal who makes many successful bloggers.

He had tried to share the experience on different website hosting agency what he had used to host many of his website.

Reasons for following hostingmonks:

  • Hosting Related Detailed Solution
  • Comparison between every plans of every website company
  • Best Deals/Plans of every hosting company
  • Hosting, server related tutorial

Let’s take a sample of his published post: Bluehost VPS Review: Why Use VPS Hosting Over Shared Hosting?

In this article, it clearly covered about the VPS hosting and what is benefit for using VPS hosting. Along with that this article covers the information about root access, superior file management, easy data management terms, SSL Certificates what every beginner should to know.

After reading that article, every doubt will be cleared from you mind and as a bonus you will find a discount coupon which will give a massive discount for purchasing a VPS hosting on bluehost.

If you want to use hostinger for hosting your website, check unbiased review of Hostinger India on

Man behind the

Previously I disclosed the name of the man behind hostingmonks website. Yes! Anil Agarwal is the founder of

Anil Agarwal founder of and
Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is the most popular and successful blogger, affiliate marketer and SEO expert. He runs his blogging website named After the name Harsh Agarwal (founder of shout me loud), Anil Agarwal becomes the blogging guru for every new blogger. His strategies on money making ideas and affiliate marketing helps to produce many successful bloggers.

You will amaze if you know that he earns around $10,000 every month form his passive income website

Final Words for

At the end of the article, I just give you an suggestion for visiting the website you will clear an idea for picking up best hosting for yourself.

I hope this article will help you out for taking your decision before buying any hosting. Many pro bloggers follow this website for finding the best deals for their hosting.

And yes! Anil Agarwal the name is enough when talking about trust. So go and check out the blog and you will find your every hosting solution.

Are all the deals on the hostingmonks website work?

Yes! all the given deals published on the hostingmonks website works fine and it will give you a good amount of discount.

All the information which are available on the hostingmonks website are true?

As per my opinion, Anil Agarwal who is the founder of is the well known blogger and affiliate marketer with 15 years of experience. During his journey he had tried out different kind of hosting so it is easy for him to making this hostingmonks website.

I am Somnath an Entrepreneur, Blogger and Proud to be Founder of I love to share blogging tips, WordPress guidance to my audience. I'll happy if you get some helpful article from my blog.

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