12+ free stock images websites for blogging or web design agency

Are you looking for HD Quality Free Stock images website for your blogging? This article might help you finding a perfect copy-right free image for your website. Inserting images into the website without taking permission from the website owner is not a good practice for a website designer or developer. 

There are several paid stock photos (i.e. shutterstock, imagesbazar) websites who charge for the images that you are looking for. But if you are a beginner or your client doesn’t have a budget for buying the premium photos, you can suggest or try these kinds of free stock images.

All photos are not Free at all, you will need to give the author an Attribute for using their images. Those pictures come under the creative common license where everybody can use their picture.

So, without taking a further discussion, we have shared the most popular Free stock images websites where you can fulfil your requirement. In previously, I have shared about best blogging WordPress theme in Free feel free to read that article.

List of websites for downloading Free stock photos for your blogging / web design agency


Pixabay-free stock images website -bigwigblogger

Pixabay is a website that contains over 1.9Million+ high quality stock images, music and videos. Just search images by image categories, themes or topics, you can get those images and you can download those photos in a high quality resolution. This website provides a creative commons licence so that you can use your photos for your commercial purpose also.

Here I put Pixabay in a no. 1 Free stock photos website because I personally use this website for my primary image search engine and most of the time I succeed in getting the perfect images in a high quality format. Not only images, but royalty free music, videos are also available on the pixabay website.


Pexels free stock images website - bigwigblooger

Pexels is another recommendation for downloading high quality stock images for website design or resource for content writing. Pexels allows to download all the stock photos under the creative common license and also for commercial purposes also. Pexels have a lot more stock images and photos you can find. All the stocks are free to use for your website design agency or your blogging content.


Unsplash free stock image - bigwigblogger

Unsplash is another mostly used stock images platform for finding a perfect professional photograph for Free. All of the photos are contributed by the individual creators. So this unsplash should be a better choice if you are searching for “Schuh” for your blogging. Yes! One thing I forgot to mention is that you can use those beautiful unsplash photos in your personal laptop or computer.


Stocksnap.io free images for website.

Stocksnap.io seems to be shutterstock.com but the difference is that all the images on stocksnap.io are completely copyright free for personal as well as commercial uses. It is another alternative to Unsplash. If you are tired of searching for any image and couldn’t find it, just go to stocksnap.io and you might get that image for your website. Okkey! So just thank me later, once you find your image for free.


Freepik image vectors website - bigwigblogger

Freepik is a mostly renowned platform for web designers as well as graphics designers. Images, Vectors are available on this Freepik website. Freepik is free to use as well as there are subscription based plans where you get unlimited images and stock photos, logos, vectors and many more.

Freepik is another platform which I had been from the beginning of my web development journey. For the beginner this freepik website is the best for getting graphics related images, vector art, logos in high quality. 


Picjumboo - free stock images website by bigwigblogger

Picjumbo has a great collection of stock photos on the Animals, architecture, food & drinks, Travel and much more. In picjumbo there are a lot of background images and natures images which will help a blogger or web designer for creating a unique design. 

Initially Picjumbo is free to use but there is a monthly subscription starting at $49/Month with premium photos. Just click on this link and get a more interesting offer.

Kaboompics – Let’s find the perfect photo

Kaboompics a stock photos website

Kaboompics.com is the photoshoot and free stock images website. If you are looking for a minimal and professional photograph or a product photoshoot, kaboompics will be the great choice for finding the perfect photo. 

Personally, I just worked with my client’s project of a product based promotion, I found this website with a great product promotional photoshoot. So, I just recommend this and you might find your perfect photograph. 

Negative Space

Negative Space - Stock free image website

Negative space is another stock photos collection website where you can stock images for your website content or web design agency. This website has different categories like: nature photography, model photography, holiday season photography. All the images are copyright free and it can be used for personal and professional purposes.

Libreshot free images

Libreshot Free images photography platform.

Libreshot Free images is another stock photography platform for getting updated images and high quality images for content writing or a blogging content. There are various kinds of sizes available for every image. Libreshot gives the permission for publishing that image on your website without giving any prior attribution. There are 30+ categories covered by this libreshot free images website and you will get most of the professional photographs from this website.

Startup stock photos – best for tech stock photos

Startup stock images by bigwigblogger

Startup stock photos is not a renowned photography website. But yes, this website I recommend for the tech stock photos. If you are a tech blog or you are looking for a startup cover image, this startup stock photos might help you. As per the website information, startup stock photos are providing free stock images for the startup, office and tech.



Flickr is a photography community where every photo is stored in an organized way and this Flickr is providing a vast area for photography. As this is photography, everyone can share their best snap and this Flickr will blow your mind if you spend some time using this application. This is not the complete stock images website but this is a photography community website and you will get kind of images for your personal website giving the attribution to the photographer.

Conclusion: what is the best stock photos downloading website in Free.

I hope you have read all the resources and websites who are providing stock photos for free. These stock photos you can use for your personal use as well as commercial use. All the photos that you are looking for are not available on the free version, then you have to pay for that image. You have to remember that every image can’t be available for free. There are other paid platforms like shutterstock, gettyimages, imagesbazar are available for the professional digital information publication. 

I hope this article will help you a lot for getting stock images for free and if you know the name of the other stock images platform, comment down below.

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